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Tax Grievance Appeals


If your grievance day appeal is not successful, or you do not get the level of tax relief requested, you can appeal. The next step would be a Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) or a Supreme Court trial. You should seek appropriate professional help to complete the grievance day process to avoid having to go to court. If you end up needed to appeal, you should have proper representation. Grievance Day can help you through the process and represent you in all court proceedings as necessary.


You need to know what the process is and whether getting help from a professiona tax grievance services is the best course of action, you investment in represenation can pay for itself the first year you save on your tax assessment. You will need to know the roll for you local community, review the assessment roll, and get your complaint and supporting documents submitted by Grievance Day in the proper format by deadline. Professionals who handle tax grievances generally charge between 40-50% of the first year’s savings on your taxes, so they only charge you a fee if they are successful. And you will likely need professional assistance to appeal the BAR decision in the event you do not get the initial tax relief you are seeking.


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